We are ingot - a brand strategy and digital design company.

Creating communications, products, and experiences that educate our customers, transform brands and drive business.

Our exploratory process paired with continual analysis and strategy is for brands who want to constantly improve through a long lasting partnership.



"The go-between people and business, I’m responsible for driving vision, business development and concept creation. Engaging and consulting you on how to achieve your business goals through better design. With a head full of creative ideas fueled by a enthusiastic passion for coffee, I walk you through the trends, analytics and strategy that will keep your business growing after the initial redesign of your brand and website."


"Working in the space where design and technology meet, I’m responsible for refining the design aesthetic, coding and coming up with key strategic initiatives to accomplish your business objectives. With extensive experience in UX design and web development, I’ve got a passion for creating really cool design that solves problems for real people."


ingot noun - a block of silver, gold or other metal, typically oblong in shape, easy to shape or refine. 

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We believe in adding real value to your digital space and helping you shape the foundation that your brand is built on.

Quality design and digital strategy that brings return on investment. Always refining and improving your business.